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Come explore the new offerings from First Global Academy. We now have specially designed and developed Certificates of Specialisation, Academic Writing Workshops and more. All our offerings feature industry veterans with experience, expertise and a passion to share their knowledge and wisdom and are available in physical, virtual or blended/hybrid learning formats.

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FGA-Qualifications are developed in-house using stringent quality-control to ensure you are getting the best education that is available.

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We build our courses using Learndash, a platform with deep-functionality that allows us to create truly custom virtually interactive courses for you.

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Learn as you go, where and when you can. Whether you are a student or a professional, we have built our courses to ensure you get the best out of them with 0 hassle.

Why Study Islamic Banking and Finance?

Although Islamic Banking and Finance industry is growing, there is a discernible issue that is not being addressed – and that is the lack of skill and talent.

Today, 95% of the existing staff lacks adequate qualifications and practical experience to properly capitalise on the opportunities present in the Islamic finance industry and take it to people of all faiths, beliefs and backgrounds all over the world.

The growth potential and the rate at which it can happen is truly behemoth compared to what we are seeing at present – and this, is what we are out to do. We want to build a new breed of Entrepreneurs and ethically driven professionals and you too can join us in this journey!

FGA Knowledge Hub

Benefit from the archive of content we have – 100% free access for everyone to learn and benefit from!

Our Latest Offerings

While conducting workshops for some of our existing high-demand programs like Islamic Retail Banking, or Ethical Investing, we were also busy cooking up some brand new, unique, and valuable courses and pathways that we can use to help the students expand their career options.

FGA Certificates of Specialisation

FGA offers CoS Programs under a range of topics which you can use to elevate yourself as a professional dedicated to continuous growth.

Use these as a professional refresher to enhance your knowledge, or talk to us about how we can help you embed these programs to your organisation’s Continuous Professional Development (CPD) structure.

FGA has been providing quality talent to the Islamic Banking and Finance industry for the last 15 years, join with us today to explore how you and your organisation can benefit with our programs.

Digital Banking

Talk to us and we can help you get your Certificate of Specialisation (CoS) in your chosen field of expertise.

Level-Up With the First Global Advantage

A financial framework on the same wavelength as that of the spirit, ethos and values of Islam, Islamic Banking and Finance is being adopted by people of all faiths and beliefs all over the world. The global Islamic Finance market is showing rapid and steady growth thanks to strong investments in the Halal sectors, infrastructure, and Sukuk (Islamic) bonds combined with a renewed interest in ethical, sustainable and interest-free modes of conducting financial affairs. Islamic banking projected to reach an impressive USD 3.1 trillion in 2022 – are you ready to take the baton and drive the industry into the future? Are you ready to make a direct positive impact on the lives, financial and investment choices of millions of people (of all faiths and beliefs) all over the world?

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Feedback from our students

Mohamed Jowfer Farook Senior Products Manager, Kuwait Finance House

“I’m a fan of continuous learning – and the IFQ program I enrolled for with the FGA proved way more valuable than the amount I invested. There is loads of information and knowledge that is shared with the students in the sessions and the cherry on top is the eligibility for ACSI tier membership with the CISI-UK upon completion – all in all, hats off FGA!”

Shaikh Abdul Karim Senior Consultant, Millennium Information Solution

“I am delighted to see First Global Digital Academy (FGDA) impart education and attract the younger generation towards Islamic Banking. Your tireless efforts will surely bear fruits in this world (Dunya) and hereafter (Akhira). I am sure that FGDA will surely succeed in developing Islamic bankers as Ethical Entrepreneurs.”

Shaima Admani Mohamed Iqbal Attorney-At-Law

“The best place to get a qualification in this course is at FGA, they will ensure that they provide you with all the help you need to get you through the exam and be an iBanker in your chosen field!”

Mohamed Akbar Senior Officer, First Abu Dhabi Bank (Islamic)

“I would like to thank you for the well-organised training – it was extremely informative and covered all the aspects of Islamic Banking with relevant examples. Mr. Thowfeek is a well known, very humble personality and spending quality time and efforts on his trainings. I will surely recommend this training to all my colleagues, family members and friends to join First Global Digital Academy.”

Mohamed Afrath Senior Associate, WNS Global Services

“Going to First Global Digital Academy (FGDA) for my qualification was definitely a decision that changed my life for good – as in addition to the theoretical aspects, they also cover practical applications of everything they teach in extensive detail – making sure the students are well versed to take on professional roles and responsibilities.”

FGA Global Ties

We partner with some of the best educational bodies in order to bring you true international exposure and opportunities through a world-class learning experience. Discussions are currently underway for more global tie-ups with industry giants.