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Academic Writing for School Leavers

Academic Writing For School Leavers

School-leavers, college, and university freshers – this is the tier that you will benefit the most from. This writing program is structured around your needs and can help you win through the challenges you face in writing.

Ethical Entrepreneurship

Key Takeaways – Ethical Entrepreneurship – Certificate of Specialisation. Face the challenges of start-ups and scaling-up. Inspire yourself with ethical values and focus on building your business, ‘Create value’ beyond maximising profitability. Address your ‘pain-points’ and bounce back stronger than before. Understand the numbers, associated jargons and their real context from a business perspective. Tap …

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Ethical Investing

Key topics covered in the program: Overview of the Global Markets – Then & Now Different types of Risk/Returns of Different Asset Classes Understanding different Asset Classes to build on your investing strategies, appetite and values To look at stocks/equity markets from a long-positioning perspective – sharing practical insights as to WHY? Why Screening of …

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Islamic Retail Banking & Digital Transformation

OBJECTIVE: This Program will help participants: To understand the core function of Islamic retail Banking & operations. To know the growth potential and latest market developments globally. To understand the structuring of Islamic retail banking products and the operational process of it. To know the process of offering Islamic finance products under different regulatory models.

Islamic Assets, Funds & Wealth Management

OBJECTIVE: This Program will help participants: To understand the Islamic Investment guidelines, in respect of managing assets and funds. To know the Islamic stock selection process. To know how to preserve & manage wealth

Islamic Risk Management & Corporate Governance

OBJECTIVE: This Program will help participants: To know the risk management & corporate governance from an Islamic finance perspective. To understand the risk management approaches. To know the Islamic risk control systems & corporate governance policies and procedures.