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MSP-1 Live Webinar:  Entering the Islamic Finance Market – What’s in it for all of us

Market demand is shifting from pure conventional banking and finance to more sophisticated and ethically driven Shari’ah compliant banking and finance?

“TODAY, Western bankers, global lending agencies and conventional players are not only acknowledging the viability of Islamic finance, but they too enter the industry in a big way, to capitalize on the enormous opportunities and growth potentials”

Want to tap into the riches of this multi-trillion dollar promising and lucrative industry.

Join the Bandwagon

  • Thrust of the Webinar

    • Islamic Finance - Market dynamics and growth potentials • Business Model & Strategy - To offer Islamic Finance Products • Bringing conventional best practices to Islamic banking fold. • Target Segments, Value Propositions & Distribution Channels – physical and virtual • Firewall between Conventional and Islamic offerings • Co-mingling of funds & its market perception to build credibility • Product Offering in phases, to build full range of products. • Moving from interest bearing to profit & lost sharing •


Admin bar avatar Muhammad Ikram Thowfeek

MIT-Muhammad Ikram Thowfeek is one of the very rear and unique Islamic finance personalities in the industry. Teaching Islamic finance on various topics is his passion and have taught more than 5000 Islamic finance students globally over the last three (3) decades. He is a Chartered Accountant by profession and an Islamic Banker and Ethical Entrepreneur by practice. Equipped with more than 30 years of practical experience and exposure in a 40+ Years old Islamic finance industry. He is also a Setting up Strategist, have set up six prominent Islamic banks and Islamic financial institutions in the world from scratch. He is also an Author, a Career-coach, A prominent speaker in International Islamic Finance Forums and most importantly, a humble and a simple human-being.
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