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Ethical Investing
Certificate of Specialisation


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Next digital batch – October 13 & 14, 2021

The 6-hour comprehensive Ethical Investing session is a part of our FGA-MIT Signature series of programs designed at adding value and a depth of subject matter that we feel is lacking in most conventional crash courses available in the market at present.

Key Takeaways – Ethical Investing – Certificate of Specialisation.

  • Build your portfolios and investment strategies in the stocks/equity markets.
  • Apply best practices bringing your values close to your hearts.
  • Invest with Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) in mind, to create value through your corporate holdings.
  • Learn the methodologies and screening mechanism to give a long shot at the stock market.
  • Going beyond ESG compliant in your equity portfolios – applying your values – social, moral, religious & ethical values.
  • How the local and global indices works, and to monitor and decide.
  • Learn many more practical lessons and techniques, from subject matter experts and practitioners, not found in books.

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Key Topics Covered in the Sessions

Build your portfolios and investment strategies in the stocks/equity markets, by applying your values – social, moral, religious & ethical values.

Join a TRIO of renowned veterans, practitioners, subject matter experts from different markets to share their knowledge, experience and wisdom in dealing with stocks & equity, ethically.

  • Overview of the Global Markets – Then & Now
  • Different types of Risk/Returns of Different Asset Classes
  • Understanding different Asset Classes to build on your investing strategies, appetite and values
  • To look at stocks/equity markets from a long-positioning perspective – sharing practical insights as to WHY?
  • Why Screening of your stocks/equity is important and how it benefits you, the company and the community at large.
  • Sharing some practical cases studies to benefit from the lessons derived to assess different risk/return profiles.
  • Structure of the equity/stock holdings of a group, with subsidiaries may or may not be compliant – with ESG and applying your values – social, moral, religious & ethical values.
  • Learn many more practical lessons and techniques, from subject matter experts and practitioners, not found in books.

Ethical Investing Certificate of Specialisation – In a nutshell

How is the content delivered?
All aspects of these sessions are conducted in a fully digital/virtual setting via Zoom.

How long do these sessions last for?
The Ethical Investing session takes a total of 6 hours spread out over 2 days at 3 hours each.

Do you issue a certificate upon completion?
We do indeed! Click here for a preview of a certificate.

What is my investment for this course?
For the 2-day session featuring a star cast of speakers and lecturers – you only pay 60USD (Certificate is included as well)

Your Ethical Investing Instructors


Dr Shariq Nisar
Professor at Rizvi Institute
& Visiting Fellow at
Harvard Law School


Mr Imtiaz Buhardeen
Serial Investor & Entrepreneur.
CEO Almas


MIT-Muhammed Ikram Thowfeek
Founder, MIT Global Group

Benefits of Enrolling with the FGDA

World-class Mentors
Subject Matter Experts and Practitioners will be taking up the Webinars on a regular basis, as per the Schedule.
“Be One in a Million”
Get Virtuoso Club membership – a network we are nurturing and building consisting of like minded ethically oriented banking and finance professionals.


  • We give you way more than just theoretical knowledge
  • We have the best practitioners who have spent decades in the industry and have years of wisdom and knowledge
  • We give you a hands-on approach to how Islamic Finance works – we guide you on the theoretical knowledge, but also show you how to apply that to real-life scenarios and problems.

Islamic Finance

Islamic Banking and Finance is a centuries old practice with its roots running back 1440 years – however, the first modern approach into Islamic Banking and Finance did not happen until 1975. Today, Islamic Banking and Finance sector is a global success story, managing funds in excess of 2 trillion US Dollars.

With educational institutes introducing Islamic Banking qualifications as mentioned earlier, competition among them is increasing rapidly to partake in this multi-trillion dollar industry. Imparting and nurturing new talent for the corporate and entrepreneurial world is what it will take to survive and thrive in this race. There is ample room for growth and new-players if we are to market Islamic Finance to the masses under the moniker of ‘valid and applicable to people of all faiths and beliefs’.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of payment do you accept?

There are various options to pay at your own convenience.

  1. Cash – You can come to our office and pay cash and get a receipt
  2. Direct Bank Transfer – You can transfer the funds to our First Global Academy Bank Account and share the copy to the transfer slip and get it acknowledged, followed by access to the Portal.
  3. You can pay digitally, using your Debit/Credit card.

Do you have instalment plans for the course fee?

Yes, if you need some time to pay for. You can select to pay in two instalments. Since this program will run upto 8-10 weeks – to start and finish.


Are there any group projects where I will have to interact with other students?

Not for this IFQ Program. But if you are one of the students following the Dual Qualifications Program, then you have to do projects on your own and submit. All details of the project will be shard under that program.

How do I interact with the lecturer?

Most of the interaction will happen on and during the weekly webinars, our lectures are very interactive and you will often find yourself participating in question and answer sessions and we give plenty of opportunity to our students during the sessions to ask any and all questions they have and clear up any confusion they might have before moving on.

Do you have mock exams? If so, what’s the structure of those?

We currently give our students access to two mock exams – 50 Questions picked from our question bank, with the option of trying it with 3 attempts.

How do I access the course materials?

Weblinks for the webinars will be shared with you on a weekly basis. You will gain access to all other educational materials + extras via the student portal and the website.

Can I share the login details with my friends?

This is unfortunately not possible as the e-learning standards we adhere to require one account per student to track progress and maintain educational integrity.

What are the hardware/software requirements for me to attend the virtual sessions?

A stable internet connection with a mic and webcam will be needed. You will need Zoom to access the weekly webinars.

Once I have joined how do I get access?

We will send you the account login details once the payment information is verified – you can use this login info by clicking on the login button on the banner of our homepage to gain access to the student portal.

What format of training is included in the pathway?

The content of the pathway will be conveyed via weekly webinars with access to educational collateral provided through the student portal of the website.