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For all budding wordsmiths – start improving your craft to a global standard to communicate with the utmost confidence!

Explore the 2 Academic Writing Tiers

Whether you are a student, a scholar or even a professional – written communication plays a key role in all that we do. From that critical assignment paper you need to ace to make the grade, a thesis that is a culmination of years of research or even a project proposal to an important client – we all constantly depend on quality writing to progress in life.

A major problem that most people face is in brushing up their written English to global standards – yes, you can write but can you write to impress?

FGA’s Language Unit and the Academic Writing Programs are our answer to the above question. For a piece of writing to be good, it shouldn’t mean that you have to hire a ghost-writer for your proposals or outsource your thesis and pay through your nose. Writing is a craft, and we are ready to share our secrets to writing with you so you too can communicate with confidence!

Who is this course for?

We at FGA believe in enriching the lives of our students – and because of that we firmly believe that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to education. While maintaining a core made up of the fundamentals of writing – we have three different layers, or levels to make it easier for you to pick an option that works the best for your needs.

Academic Writing for School-leavers

Completing school is an achievement and a milestone – and the decisions you make at this stage affects the rest of your life.

Do you have the guidance and the information needed to pick a field for your higher studies? Have you fully adapted to the ‘new normal’ of online learning and capitalising on digital resources?

Find the answers to the above and explore the basics of writing in deeper detail than ever before – the 4 week program (weekends only) will elevate your writing to a new standard and help your hard work get the credit that it deserves.

Explore Academic Writing for School Leavers

Academic Writing for Professionals

Being highly skilled in written communication is always a catalyst for success at the workplace. In a competitive setting, good written skills always prove themselves to be a competitive edge, and now you can have it too!

Do you know how to structure a presentation? What about how to write a project proposal that is guaranteed to get your pitch the attention it deserves? The Academic Writing for Professionals program covers everything from the basics, to the above and much more.

If you’re an aspiring executive looking to advance your career – this is the program for you.

Explore Academic Writing for Professionals

Choose your writing level

We have laid out the two tiers of the Academic Writing program side-by-side, so you can explore and compare to your heart’s content. Both the courses offer the core fundamentals of good writing and all courses include a workbook, study materials and FGA will issue a certificate to everyone who completes the program successfully.

Go on and pick the level that works the best for you, and prepare to transform your writing to a new level!


Academic Writing for School-leavers

Academic Writing for School Leavers

School-leavers, college and university freshers – this is the tier that you will benefit the most from. This writing program is structured around your needs and can help you win through the challenges you face in writing.

Unit 1 – Selecting your higher education path

Selecting your higher education path- guiding on how to select the higher education path based on your skills, knowledge and passion

Unit 2 – Digital skills and online learning

Importance of digital skills due to the new trends in the education sector, making you ready with digital skills, providing practice to perform better in an online learning environment

Unit 3 – Presentation Preparation

Guiding on how to prepare presentations and improve presentation skills

Unit 4- Reading

How to develop reading strategies to successfully face exams and write assignments

Unit 5- Assignment Preparation

Making you prepared for the journey of writing

Unit 6 – Academic writing

6a – Searching for information sources- how to find reliable, appropriate and relevant information sources

6b – Academic integrity and plagiarism

6c – Referencing

6d – Paraphrasing

6e – Report writing

6f – Essay writing



Unit 7 – Note taking

 How to concentrate on lecture sessions and take notes effectively

Unit 8 – Group work

Making you an effective team worker with dedication towards assigned tasks

Unit 9 – Time management

How to manage your time effectively to meet deadlines and score higher grades

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Academic Writing for
School Leavers

Academic Writing for Professionals

Professionals, scholars, academics – this is for you. Enrol to uplift your writing to new standards!

Be it writing a proposal or setting up a presentation, Academic Writing for Professionals covers them all while also touching on the fundamentals of writing.

Unit 1 – Reading

 Reading- how to develop reading strategies to successfully face exams and write assignments

Unit 2 -Writing

Guiding you on how to write different types of assignments while developing academic writing skills

2a. Academic writing- how to structure your assignment in a clear, concise, focussed and structured manney backed up by evidence

2b. Critical writing- analysing information to understand a problem from more than one perspective while making logical connections between ideas

2c. Report writing- how to write your report following an elaborative and formal style

2d. Essay writing- structure your essay by expressing information as well as your opinions

2e. Reflective writing- creatively reflecting upon your learning and engagement

2f. Scientific writing- systematic writing based on measurements and observations

2g. Academic integrity and Plagiarism- how to practice academic honesty and avoid academic misconduct

2h. Paraphrasing- how to segregate and rewrite information in a different way maintaining academic integrity

2i. Referencing- giving credit, with citation to the source of information in order to maintain academic honesty





Unit 3- Understanding feedback

Why it is important to get feedback from the lecturer/supervisor and how to improve your work according the the feedback

Unit 4- Dissertation

How to select a research topic, how to design your research 

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Dinu Maduwanthi
Entrepreneurial Consultant,
Academic Affairs,
First Global Academy

Dinu Maduwanthi is a Lecturer in; Academic writing, Business Research Methods, Human Resources Management (HRM), Entrepreneurship and International Business Management,with 4 years of experience. Currently, she works as an Entrepreneurial Consultant, Lecturer and Manager Academic Affairs at First Global Academy and a visiting lecturer for Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT). Dinu is passionate about lecturing and research on Entrepreneurship, Higher Education, Management, and HR, and, experienced in supervising undergraduate students since 2018. She has two bachelor’s degrees in ‘Entrepreneurship and Management’, ‘Human Resources Management’ and a dual award Master’s degree in ‘Business with International Management’ from Northumbria University, UK and Heilbronn University, in Germany. Building on her academic qualifications, work experience and career interests she will be reading for a PhD in the field of “Entrepreneurship and education”.

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The education aspect at FGA combines two main elements, a world-class syllabus designed, developed and maintained by industry experts and practitioners, and a state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS) – bringing the students the best of content in the best manner possible. Mobile friendly student portals, online quizzes and even final exams that can be completed virtually from the comfort of your home with the guidance from the invigilation team at FGA, we worry about the small details so you can focus on learning.

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There’s a host of offerings from high-level trainings specifically catering to C-level Executives, top-up programs for mid-level management, courses and workshops for ambitious novices and even the youngsters looking for viable career options. All of these are offered in a blended learning format, giving you the best of virtual and physical learning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is academic writing?

Academic writing is highly essential for your higher education. Academic writing is clear, concise, focussed, structured and backed up by evidence. Its purpose is to aid the reader’s understanding. It has a formal tone and style, but it is not complex and does not require the use of long sentences and complicated vocabulary.

Why do I need to learn academic writing?

Academic writing is needed for academic work including reports on empirical studies or research in natural sciences or social sciences. Written assignments, reports and essays are types of assessments used to assess you when you are following your higher education. Academic writing is needed for these types of assessments. Strong academic writing skills are helpful to score higher grades. 

Who can join for academic writing courses?

School leavers after O/L and A/L- Degree Preparation Tool kit

Students who are already following undergraduate degrees in business/management field – Academic Writing Workshops for Degree Students

Professionals who follow Master’s degrees- Academic Writing Workshops for professionals

What is the content of Degree Preparation Tool kit

Unit 1 – Selecting your higher education path

Unit 2 – Digital skills and online learning

Unit 3 – Presentation Preparation

Unit 4- Reading

Unit 5- Assignment Preparation

Unit 6 – Academic writing

Unit 7 – Note taking

Unit 8 – Group work

Unit 9 –  Time management

What forms of payment do you accept?

There are various options to pay at your own convenience.

  1. Cash – You can come to our office and pay cash and get a receipt
  2. Direct Bank Transfer – You can transfer the funds to our First Global Academy Bank Account and share the copy to the transfer slip and get it acknowledged, followed by access to the Portal.
  3. You can pay digitally, using your Debit/Credit card.

How do I interact with the lecturer?

Most of the interaction will happen on and during the weekly webinars, our lectures are very interactive and you will often find yourself participating in question and answer sessions and we give plenty of opportunity to our students during the sessions to ask any and all questions they have and clear up any confusion they might have before moving on.

How do I access the course materials?

Weblinks for the webinars will be shared with you before we start the session. You will gain access to all other educational materials + extras via the student portal and the website.

Can I share the login details with my friends?

This is unfortunately not possible as the e-learning standards we adhere to require one account per student to track progress and maintain educational integrity.

What are the hardware/software requirements for me to attend the virtual sessions?

A stable internet connection with a mic and webcam will be needed. You will need Zoom application.

Once I have joined how do I get access?

We will send you the account login details once the payment information is verified – you can use this login info by clicking on the login button on the banner of our homepage to gain access to the student portal.

What is the content of Academic Writing Workshops for Degree Students

Unit 1- Reading

Unit 2- Writing

Unit 3- Understanding feedback

What is the content of Academic Writing Workshops for Professionals

Unit 1- Reading

Unit 2- Writing

Unit 3- Understanding feedback

Unit 4- Dissertation

What is the fee?

  • Degree Preparation Tool kit- 50USD- 12,000
  • Academic Writing Workshops for Degree Students- 40USD- 10,000
  • Academic Writing Workshops for Master’s Students- 60USD- 15,000