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What's in it for me?

FGA offers Specialisation Programs under a range of topics which you can use to elevate yourself as a professional dedicated to continuous growth.

Use these as a professional refresher to enhance your knowledge, or talk to us about how we can help you embed these programs to your organisation’s Continuous Professional Development (CPD) structure.

Inspiration, Information, Insights, Instructions, Intellect – whatever it is that you are looking for in a specialisation program, we have just the right topics and a star cast of academicians, veteran practitioners and the technology to deliver, be it virtual, physical or hybrid.

Here's the 'Big Picture'

Only 20% of the market potential is being tapped, 80% is untapped.

By branding Islamic finance for people of all faiths & beliefs and clearly demonstrating the convergence of ESG (Environmental and Social Governance) and SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) with Islamic finance, we too can be a part of the explosive growth that Islamic Banking and Finance is about to go through.

Covid19 pandemic brought about multiple crises – humanity is seeking solutions for burning issues and Islamic finance can be a catalyst to provide much needed solutions to humanity. Are you ready to be one in a million bringing the tried, tested and proven principles of Islamic finance for all of humanity to benefit from?

We're redefining 'Education'

The education aspect at FGA combines two main elements, a world-class syllabus designed, developed and maintained by industry experts and practitioners, and a state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS) – bringing the students the best of content in the best manner possible. Mobile friendly student portals, online quizzes and even virtual final exams with guidance from the invigilation team at FGA, we worry about the small details so you can focus on learning.

4 Unique Perspectives

Explore a wide array of topics without limiting yourself to one perspective. The FGA Certificates of Specialisation lets you explore the courses and their content through four different and unique perspectives – Practitioners’ Perspective – to get insight into the subject matter through the eyes of someone in the industry who is dealing with the subject matter day in and day out, Shariah Perspective to understand how a SSB perceives, assesses and adapts to new situations and information, Regulatory Perspective to know the implications of various regulatory rules and requirements on the industry and why they are there and Technological Perspective to get the big picture of how everything works together in the current highly digital industrial landscape.

9 Unique Programs

Islamic Retail Banking &
Challenges of the Digital World

Islamic Corporate Banking &
Structured Finance

Islamic Investment Banking
Funds, Assets & Wealth Management

Islamic Capital Markets &
Sukuk (Islamic Bonds)


Conventional Insurance Vs.
Takaful (Islamic Insurance)


Digital Banking

The Banking Shift
Conventional to Islamic
Physical to Digital


Leadership Excellence &
Branch Management

FGA CoS - All you need to know

Course Delivery
Physical, virtual or blended/hybrid format can be arranged to suit the requirements of the participants

Course Duration
3-days for physical format, 4-days for virtual format, for blended/hybrid duration may vary. 12-hours total

The Certificates of Specialisation cover a range of timely and relevant topics that will work as a quick and thorough refresher.

Banking and Finance experience with a basic knowledge of how the industry works and common problems and solutions.

Virtual Live Lessons
3-hour sessions over 4-days for a total of 12-hours.

Physical Live Lessons
4-hour sessions over 3-days for a total of 12-hours.

Course Fee
USD xx/student for physical live lessons, USD60/student for virtual live lessons – both include full virtual asset access.

CoS Batch Size
Limited number of students per batch for optimal progress monitoring and individual attention.

Final Exam
Conducted virtually with FGA Invigilator team and online technical assistance.

Upon Successful Completion
Issuance of Certificates of Specialisation after completing the relevant projects and exams.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are various options to pay at your own convenience.

  1. Cash – You can come to our office and pay cash and get a receipt
  2. Direct Bank Transfer – You can transfer the funds to our First Global Academy Bank Account and share the copy to the transfer slip and get it acknowledged, followed by access to the Portal.
  3. You can pay digitally, using your Debit/Credit card.

Not for this IFQ Program. But if you are one of the students following the Dual Qualifications Program, then you have to do projects on your own and submit. All details of the project will be shard under that program.

Most of the interaction will happen on and during the weekly webinars, our lectures are very interactive and you will often find yourself participating in question and answer sessions and we give plenty of opportunity to our students during the sessions to ask any and all questions they have and clear up any confusion they might have before moving on.

This is unfortunately not possible as the e-learning standards we adhere to require one account per student to track progress and maintain educational integrity.

A stable internet connection with a mic and webcam will be needed. You will need Zoom to access the weekly webinars.

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