Student Testimonials
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Our focus is only on bringing you the best virtual educational experience for Islamic Banking and Finance - and these testimonials are all from our past students who completed our qualifications and went on to do great things in the Banking and Finance industry.

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Student Testimonials

It was a very clear and comprehensive knowledge sharing session, he kept the audience alert and interested, and we may need to go into the mechanics of shariah at a future date.
Priya Guneseka
Colombo Stock Exchange
The presenter captured the audience attention throughout the session, very impressive with easy examples & stories.

Anita Nishanthan
Wavenet International
Really empowering speech, changing the world is not possible but you can change a person and it really had an impact on me.
Venkatesh. S
Ernst & Young
Cleared all doubts and questions I had about Islamic Finance - hats off to you sir!
Jack Brownn
From London, UK
Excellent presentation, hope you have some similar sessions to explain the mechanism of Islamic products.
People’s Leasing & Finance
An excellent awareness creation program by Mr. Thowfeek, very interesting and a beautiful speech.
Sharmila Zackie
Sunuty Travel & Tours
Excellent program, please keep me posted if you have any further events in Sri Lanka, Bahrain or Dubai.
Safaran Zarook
Dau Albilad – Bahrain
Excellent and a valuable delivery done regarding Islamic finance.
Chamil Herath
People’s Leasing & Finance
It was really good and the points were very relevant to the topic.
Colombo Stock Exechange
Masha Allah it was a great session with detailed presentation
It was a fruitful and interesting session, looking forward for the future workshops, well done
Zeila Fazal
Amana Takaful
Awesome presentation, very educational and it was presented well.
Shamil Mueen
Very Informative.
M.B.A. Mavatuga
M.B.A & Co
The presentation was in line with the topic.
Nilupa Perera
Colombo Stock Exchange
Cleared all the doubts of mine relating to Islamic banking & Finance, you touched the humanity hats off to you sir.
Saranga Wickramaarachi
Qatar Investors Group
Excellent Presentation
Thuwan Imran
United Facilities Management Company
Really helpful to find the what are the core Islamic banking products, use of personal examples empowered us in the topic.
Nuwy Jdydratha
KPMG Qatar
One of the great speech, you have added something to think about and wish you all the very best, please take necessary steps to bring Islamic finance to Sri Lanka.
Ernst & Young
Well presented with key examples to understand the topic and motivated with good techniques to make difference to the society.
Qatar Foundation
Excellent and cleared the doubt I had about Islamic banking, many thanks.
Grand Thornton
Mr. Ikram is very wise and knowledgeable.
Gulf Bank
Excellent presentation and I especially liked the Islamic aspect vs conventional, in a short comprehensive and well through.
Qatar Holdings Ltd
Hot topic in the globe was explained in simple human terms, first initiative and well done.
Dasun Jayawardena
It is excellent and cleared many doubts about Islamic banking, it is better to have another presentation.
Suranga Fernando
Grand Thornton
It was great shed light on ethical and humanity aspect of profession and corporate added to the presentation.
Q.M. Control
Really an excellent presentation.
Ernst & Young
Excellently explained and gained a loads of knowledge.
Pubudu Dissanayaka
Lumatron Qatar
Nalaka Chanrasiri
FedEx Qatar
“ I learned a lot on the topic, excellent presentation and thanks a lot.
Ernst & YoungQatar
I see so much ethic related to Islamic banking principles.
Sujeewa Ranasinghe
The presentation was very knowledgeable and well presented to the audience.
Tanween WK
Good Introduction and a great speaker.
Gulf Bank
Excellent presentation.
Mohamed Aroos
Excellent & beneficial.
Yousef Al Jeeram
Gulf Bank
I have learned a lot, thank you.
Badr Al Qahjam
Gulf Bank
A simple and straight forward presentation to the point, lots of interactive communication which is effective.
Yousef Marah
Gulf Bank
I loved the examples which was explained and session was really interactive.
Diaa Al Habib
Gulf Bank
Excellent presentation with great examples and I wish I attend more of it, great.
GSSG Holdings
Interesting tutorials and looking forward in exploring more topics with you, explained with basics in an interesting way.
Yousef Al Mutawa
Boubyan Bank
Tutor is really qualified, loved the sense of religious and Islamic wise in his speech.
Bouchra Elyaakoube
Boubyan Bank
It was really interesting and I cleared all my doubts I had in mind.
Al Hamad
Gulf Bank
Great lecture, I loved the examples and his teaching style and also provided clear cut examples of Islamic and conventional banking.
Rand Dannan
Al-Mulla International Financing Company
Really a great opportunity and it was a great lecture, I wish to attend more of this to improve my career.
Hafiza Shiham
Excellent, Jazakallah.
It was explained in detail, great presentation.
United Development Limited
Very interesting, focused and was in detail.
Geetha Govind Pai
M.H. Alshaya Co)
Excellent presentation, good communication and a perfect argument.
Sanae Bouhamid
Great speaker with great knowledge.
Fatima Kamshad
Gulf Bank
Excellent presentation.
Khalifa Al-Kusaimi
Gulf Bank
Learned practical side of Islamic finance what we can interpret to outside world.
M. Ihsan
FMR SNR Accountants
It was a very useful lecture and I loved the information about Islamic banking, thank you for your effort.
Fatima Khalaf
Informative, valuable and interesting.
Fatima Al-Mubarak
Gulf Bank
I learned the real difference between Islamic and conventional banking and it was interesting to know more about Musharaka.
Rawan Al-Ashwak
Gulf Bank
I learned a lot about Islamic shariah laws in the banking industry, thank you for the opportunity.
Mohammad Aresae
Gulf Bank
I enjoyed every part of the lecture and the course was much intense, would like to go in detail but the time was limited.
Gulf Bank
Thank you for clearing all our doubt about Islamic banking.
Gulf Bank
The presentation points were very clear and informative.
Noor Al-Zarban
Gulf Bank
Interested in knowing more about Islamic banking after your lecture.
Rawan Al Ashwak
Gulf Bank
Passionate speaker.
Yousef Al-Jeeram
Gulf Bank
I enjoyed the lecture, especially the group work and interactions.
Maisa Al Musallam
Central Bank
Enjoyed the course and I learned a lot from your experience, thank you.
Badr Al-Qahtami
Gulf Bank
I found the principles of Islamic finance very interesting and looking forward to learn more about it.
Tareq Abu Mejdad
Burgan Bank
It was really informative and I am thankful for organizing the event.
Reyan Mohideen
Really a good seminar, excellent.
Fathima Husna
Good, clear and an attractive presentation.
Aadhil Nasoordeen
Really enjoyed the course and it was really informative.
Nasser Buhaimed
Gulf Bank
It was a great debate we had about the difference between Islamic and conventional banking.
Ahmad Ghareeb
Gulf Bank
The presentation was very clear and the instructor knows the subject to tackle any questions.
Gulf Bank
I was easy to absorb information and covered good ground with a decent speed.
Noor Al-Zarban
Gulf Bank
Very educating class with great information.
Gulf Bank
I gained ample of knowledge from the speaker and I wish a good luck.
Mohammad Al Refae
Gulf Bank
Good opportunity for us to gain knowledge about an interesting topic.
AA & Sons
The lecturer was very friendly and clear, I understand the basics of Islamic banking and finance well.
Mohammed Shifan
Excellent note of voice and very interactive with students.
Gulf Bank
I got all my doubts cleared with your speech, thank you.
Rima Sulaiman
Gulf Bank
Improved my knowledge and made me to think to contribute more towards Islamic banking and finance.
Tuan Farhan
It was a really good learning opportunity.
It was interesting and made me to explore more about the subject area.
Janith Fernando
Good and informative knowledge shared from the expertise with practical examples, looking forward for more sessions.
M.M. Dashti
Boubyan Bank
Great speech and you'll really help to develop the economy what is lacking in Sri Lanka, thanks and we are always with you.
Y.S. Kuruwitage
Assetline Securities
Totally incredible and sharing your practical experience, really helpful and amazing.
Mohammed Kamal
QAF Investment
Content was very well organized and the speaker is very knowledgeable.
Awesome and an excellent session and it was very understandable and motivating, got a good understanding about Islamic banking and finance.
Faseeha Farook
Interesting, detailed and very productive.
Nusra Nasar
Alhamdulilah, presentation is excellent and may Allah expand his knowledge.
M.N.A.M. Nafras
Thank you for explaining the subject in detail.
Very Excellent.
Aakil Ahamed
A useful speech about Islamic banking.
M.N.M. Naflan
Good lecture.
Abdurrahman Reza
Vista Advertising & Event Management
Glad to meet a person like this, the speech was very motivational and now I am very clear about Islamic banking and finance.
The lecture was inspiring and worth for our future benefits in order to look into the poverty of people, as well as to know about Islamic finance.
Ahamed Azluf
It was interesting and an enlightening lecture, it teaches us how to manage our finance and to help others in our community.
Farah Amit
Excellent speech on Islamic banking, thank you so much for the insights that you provided about the topic.
Very practical knowledge shared, it can be used to train staffs in the managerial level.
Tariq Shabbir
Amana Bank
Be humble, be simple and be a community asset, it’s the best concept to be followed and don’t be a job seeker, be a solution provider, must take a serious action on this to improve our life style.
Suhail Shabdeen
Amana Bank
So valuable presentation and very useful for my career.
Ahmed Zakan
Amana Takaful
I realized who am I and what I have to do in the society as a marketer in an Islamic finance institution, and very motivational speech.
A.C.M. Nakef
Amana Takaful
Alhamdulilah I got motivation from the session; I got an idea on how I can be an Islamic banker in a global market.
M.N.M. Aashad Zakan
Amana Takaful
Excellent, motivated a lot.
Sylmiya Inoon
HNB – Al Najah Islamic Bank
The presentation was very useful and valuable, the thoughts and experience that were shared was very knowledgeable, looking forward for another different session from you.
Reema Ameer Ali
WNS Global Services
Presentation was excellent and it is really useful to develop Islamic banking career in better way.
Shanthi Fernando
Amana Bank
Great explanation and it was easy to absorb the knowledge shared.
Quite Impressive.
Fazna Faariez
H.B.L Sri Lanka
Got a very good insight about the topic.
Rishard Amir
HBL Sri Lanka
It was wonderful and it was full of information, the topic were well managed and understood, well done.
H.B.L Sri Lanka
InShaAllah planning to follow the instruction since I am planning to switch my career in Islamic banking.
Fazly Mowjood
The presentation was standard and the examples given made the points more understandable, overall short and sweet.
Fuzail Fyzer
Amana Bank
A very useful thoughts regarding Islamic banking and the examples used convince Islamic banking is great, it gave me confidence to promote Islamic banking over conventional banking.
HNB PLC – Islmaic banking unit
Was really value adding.
Ernst & Young
After the presentation I have cleared my doubts about Islamic banking.
Dilan Gabriel
Even it made me to think about my career and impacted my personal life and community.
Asset Link
Was really helpful lecture.
Raqeeb Mohideen
Tri Star Apparel Exports Ltd
A great course covering Islamic financial aspects, the instructor was very clear.
Yousef Marah
Gulf Bank
Very knowledgeable, instructive and excellent communication.
Gulf Bank)
Inspiring and thank you for you motivation.
Excellent and it really inspired me and I hope I have a change in my life.
Great speaking with great knowledge and understanding.
Inspired by each and every word.
Very inspirational.
Aminath Fashwa
Sometimes it takes courage to go across the world to find the right people; when we do we have to work from our hearts to keep the bond strong.
Ashraf Abbass
MIT Global
On the point and very clear, the presenter had very good understanding about the subject presented.
Hanan Al-Ashwak
Gulf Bank
Great presentation and good information provided.
Khalifa Al-Kusaimi
Gulf Bank
Great professor.
Asir Ahmed
Financial Structured Solutions
Was very helpful and an interactive session, the information was very clear and can be implemented in our real life scenarios.
Bowbyan Bank
Long term planning a better future in Sri Lankan community with pious, should go up to PHDs.
Y.C.M. Rahman
M.R. Associates
M.I.M. Ramshad
LOLC Al-Falah
Super stupendous.
Raqeeb Rifkhan
M. Aflal