FGDA Thought-Provoking Leadership Program

Experience the power of motivation and give yourself a boost – Come join the weekly sessions featuring pioneers and veteran professionals sharing their knowledge, experience and wisdom!

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“The session I attended was helpful to determine the way and how to invest in the share market and also refresh the mentality of the beginners. “

Premakumar Sumithran
Sri Lanka

“As a fresher to the Stock Market the contents discussed by Mr. Buhardeen in episode 3 was very helpful “

Dan De Silva
Sri Lanka

“All I can say is it’s was a great privilege to have been a part of this
leadership conference call. I truly got more than I expected”

Yakub Abdullah

“It was a real eye-opening session for newcomers and laymen who need to be grown and groomed as traders. Well done!”

Arjuna Jinadasa
Saudi Arabia

Upcoming Sessions

MAY 20

Tune into this free TPLP session as two industry experts discuss a wide range of timely and relevant topics crucial to surviving in the current high-tech, constantly evolving digital banking sector.
Turn information into knowledge, and knowledge into wisdom with guidance from some of the brightest minds in the region on topics ranging from: Islamic finance, MSMEs, Digital banking, NFTs, Crypto, Fin-tech, Crowdfunding, Blockchain, AI, Metaverse, Big-data, CDBC,
Neobanking and more!

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Tune into this free TPLP session featuring two industry experts and get a quick and concise look into the fundamentals and practices of Islamic Banking and Takaful before diving into more complex topics like Shariah Supervisory Board (SSB), Shariah Governance in Takaful and the different stakeholders of Takaful and much more. Turn information into knowledge, and knowledge into wisdom with guidance from some of the brightest minds in the region on topics ranging from the fundamentals, what makes Takaful stand out, SSB, ESG factor in
Investment Decisions, Features and types of Takaful products and much more!

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Benefits of attending the sessions

Groom for Leadership

Learn from pioneers who have made it all the way to the top – and pick up what they have done and how they have gone about it, thus grooming yourself to rise to challenges!

Think Different

You can’t drive change by staying in the herd-mentality. Pick up how you can start to see things differently and think different from the masses while sticking to a solid ethical framework.

Push the Envelope

Learn to drive the change that everyone only talks about – learn to stand above the rest as a leader, a problem solver and a solutions provider that the world is really yearning for.

Why should I join?

You need even more reasons? That’s fine – read on! We got you covered.

  • Free weekly virtual sessions – NO HIDDEN CHARGES!
  • Spend one hour every week – NO TIME WASTED!
  • LEARN FROM THE BEST – the sessions are conducted by practitioners and subject matter experts
  • BENEFIT FROM LIFE LESSONS and real-life examples that you can start applying to become resilient and champion tough times

The perks just keep adding up!

We are also in the process of opening access to premium content that is offered through our portal such as:

  • Membership of our very own Virtuoso Club
  • Interactive quizzes to gauge your competence
  • High-quality subject relevant videos
  • Virtual presentations and knowledge packs
  • Reading materials + access to IFT archives and MORE

Past Sessions

OCT 31

Join in to find out how this 30 years old Islamic micro-finance model has been improving the lives of millions of poor, needy, downtrodden and MSMEs in Indonesia and helping them grow at episode 8 of the Thought-Provoking Leadership Sessions.

Conducted by: Jamil Abbas, (Rahmania Foundation – Indonesia)

SEP 24

Is Blockchain technology & Cryptocurrency really secure, trusted, and implementable globally?

Listen to the subject matter expert, Mr. Rimzy Shariff as he explores the above topic and more

SEP 17

Want to get yourself discovered and make a difference in you and humanity. Join ‘Being Human-to make a difference to humanity’ with Dr. Sadath Khan, who is a Life Coach, Trainer & Facilitator.

SEP 12

Learn how to Build your portfolio by investing ethically with Mr Imtiaz Bahurdeen, who is making a second appearance this week by popular demand to discuss and answer your questions!


An introduction to Ethical Investing featuring two prominent figures – Mr Imtiaz Buhardeen and Dr Shariq Nisar – with 1000+ registrants this was truly a milestone event for us!

AUG 27

We were lucky to get Mr Suhail Basit to share the stage with MIT and collectively share their knowledge and wisdom on Islamic Retail Banking and Digital Transformation.

AUG 20

How do you figure out what you want in life? Where do you start your journey to get there? MIT touched on these while conducting this session to a mixed audience of students, parents and teachers.

Got questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly do I get in return for my investment?

The biggest perk we can think of is that you get to be part of an exclusive fellowship of professionals who are all working towards uplifting Islamic banking and finance. Then, there are all the benefits we have mentioned above. For any further questions or clarifications – please write to us and we will be thrilled to help you out.

Do I pay once and get lifetime membership?

The membership fee is currently on a monthly model – please reach out to us for more information.

How do I access the various materials that the membership unlocks?

Once you login to the portal, please navigate to the membership section for access and further instructions on the materials and resources.

Can I share the login details with my friends?

We discourage members from sharing their login details with external parties as the forums/message boards and resource access is dedicated to you only.