Virtuoso Club – tiers, perks and benefits

On a very high level, we have introduced two tiers or levels of membership into Virtuoso Club.

Virtuoso tier – whether you are an aspiring professional or someone who is climbing up the hierarchies, you can join this tier to benefit immensely from the resources and the networking opportunities that we present you with Virtuoso Club. The networking/forum features will help you discuss and gain new perspectives and motivate yourself to think like a solutions provider and approach challenges with a problem-solver mindset.

With Virtuoso Club membership, you get:

  • Unlimited access to our educational resources – watch videos, do quizzes, listen to podcasts and read and refer to trustworthy and updated resources on banking and finance, all from the portal
  • Take part in conversations and discussions with industry veterans on subject matter that is both trending and highly relevant
  • Get access to exclusive events, webinars and online sessions featuring guest lecturers, motivational speakers and more
  • Get access to groups and forums in social media dedicated to discussions and idea-sharing revolving around banking and finance
  • Stand a chance to earn by partaking in our affiliate/brand ambassador program with the First Global Digital Academy with exposure to a global audience

Maestro tier – this is reserved for professionals with a track record of providing thought leadership to the industry at large. Are you in a place to mentor a young professional to truly groom and uplift them to take on and run the industry tomorrow? Are you involved in making decisions that shape the future of the banking and finance industry? Then the Maestro tier is for you, to rub shoulders with the upcoming banking and finance professionals and help mould them to eventually get to where you are and beyond.