First Global Digital Academy
Price List (2021 - 2022)

Islamic Finance Qualification (IFQ-L3)$550.00
Fundamentals & (Practices) Of Islamic Finance$250.00
FGA-MIT Signature Programs
Executive Diploma In Ethical Entrepreneurship$250.00
Fintech, Crowdfunding, Blockchain, Crypto & Islamic Finance$250.00
Islamic Finance For (MSMEs) – Certified Start Up Strategist$250.00
Solutions For The Turbulent Global Financial Market$250.00
Entering The Islamic Finance Market – What Is In It For All Of Us$250.00
Takaful (Islamic Insurance)$200.00
BASEL III & It’s Relevance To Islamic Finance$200.00
Stress Testing For Islamic Banks$200.00
Islamic Capital Market And Sukuk (Islamic Bonds)$200.00
Islamic Risk Management & Corporate Governance$200.00
Islamic Assets, Funds & Wealth Management$200.00
Islamic Corporate & Investment Banking & Treasury Operations$200.00
Islamic Retail Banking And Operations$200.00
Ethical Investing- Equity & Capital Markets$200.00
IFQ & Professional Executive Diploma In Islamic Finance$600.00
FIBF & Professional Diploma In Islamic Finance$300.00
iBanker Programs GENERAL
Certificate In Islamic Banking & Finance $100.00
Diploma In Islamic Banking & Finance $200.00
Executive Diploma In Islamic Banking$300.00
iBanker Programs PSP
Professional Certificate In Islamic Banking – PSP$200.00
Professional Diploma In Islamic Banking – PSP$300.00
Professional Executive Diploma In Islamic Banking – PSP$400.00
Islamic Finance Mind Maps Rated 5 out of 5$15.00
MIT Quotes$2.50
IFT Magazines New$2.00
IFT Magazines Old$1.00
IF Jul 2020 – Jan 2021$5.00
IFT Publisher’s Picks – Vol -1$10.00
IFT Publisher’s Picks – All In One (@50% Discount)$50.00
Membership Virtuoso Club Per Annum$12.00
MIT Webinars (3 Hours)
Solutions for the Turbulent Global Financial Market$25.00
Entering The Islamic Finance Market-What is in it for all of us$25.00
Islamic Finance for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)$25.00
Fintech, Blockchain, Crowdfunding, Crypto-Currency & Islamic Finance & the Challenges of the Digital World$25.00