IFT Publisher’s Picks – Vol -5


IFT Publisher’s Picks – Vol -5

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS W ith the leading Scholars & Practitioners in the Islamic Banking & Finance Sector

This collection of papers contains as many as thirty interviews with the leading scholars and practitioners who have made and left a mark in the industry. These are pioneers and trailblazers known for bold and daring forays into the industry or else innovative thinkers who have left an intellectual legacy that continues to inspire and motivate the people in the industry to come up with new products and services. Names like Rushdi Siddiqui, Abdelilah Belatik, Blake Goud, Paul McNamara, Dr.Aishath Muneeza and Professor Abbas Mirakor would ring a bell with anyone familiar with the industry.



This publication is in keeping with our longstanding  mandate of transmitting knowledge from the scholars and practitioners to the Islamic Banking and Finance Industry to stimulate innovative thinking and for practical application wherever possible.


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