Solutions For Turbulent Global Financial Market


Solutions For Turbulent Global Financial Market – The entire world faced the worst global financial crisis (GFC) ever in the year 2008/9 and for an entire decade till 2018/9 the repercussions of the crisis was felt by all – individuals, corporates, and the government at large.

During these challenging times battling with the GFC, the Islamic finance industry not only thrived but also made the world to ponder how Islamic finance can be a solutions provider for the turbulent global financial market. The Islamic finance industry grew by 150% during the decade of the GFC and most of the academic institutions and universities, started building up their new curriculum to teach Islamic finance as a Diploma, Undergraduate Degree & Post Graduate Programs, Masters and PhD program learning from the time-tested principles of Islamic finance that enabled it not only to survive but thrive during the GFC.

This is the opportune time in this decade (2021-2030) and beyond, to revisit and relook at the Islamic finance industry as a catalyst to bring benefits and improve the lives, financial and investment choices of millions of people all over the world through equity participation, risk sharing and fair dealings.



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