The Banking Shift – Conventional to Islamic, Physical to Digital Banking


The Banking Shift – in a nutshell

  • Course Delivery – Physical, virtual or blended/hybrid format can be arranged to suit the requirements of the participants
  • Course Duration – 6-hour Workshop divided into 2-days at 3-hours per session
  • Specialisations – The Certificate of Specialisation in Going Digital Banking ‘The Banking Shift’ covers banking from a digital perspectve
  • Prerequisites – Banking and Finance experience with a basic knowledge of how the industry works and common problems and solutions.
  • Sessions – Sessions will be conducted over 2-days at 3-hours per-day for a total of the 6-hour session

Turn information into knowledge, and knowledge into wisdom with guidance from some of the brightest minds in the region on topics ranging from: Islamic finance, MSMEs, Digital banking, NFTs, Crypto, Fin-tech, Crowdfunding, Blockchain, AI, Metaverse, Big-data, CDBC, Neobanking and more!