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Practical Knowledge

Our courses are not just limited to knowledge - absorb the experiences and wisdom from our lecturers who are also veteran practitioners in Islamic Banking and Finance.

Challenging Quizzes

Take the quizzes at the end of each chapter to ensure you have grasped the core of each module - and that you're ready to take on the final exams!

Premium content

Go beyond traditional Islamic Banking and Finance course content with podcasts, talks, webinars and much more available in each offering - we don't sell courses, we are grooming the next generation of iBankers.

A clear-cut pathway into Islamic Banking and Finance

Whether you're taking your first plunge into Islamic Banking and Finance, or you are working your way up the corporate ladder - these offerings will help you get where you want to.

$ 100.00

Certificate in Islamic Banking & Finance (CIBF)

$ 200.00

Diploma in Islamic Banking & Finance (DIBF)

$ 300.00

Executive Diploma in Islamic Banking & Finance (EDIBF)

Ethical Entrepreneurship and Islamic Finance made easy

Tap into a world of opportunities. Select the program that best fits your dream career-path and follow the simple guidelines to be an Islamic Banker in your chosen field using the content presented in the WORLD formate.

world-class Islamic Banking and Finance education
MIT - Muhammad Ikram Thowfeek
Founder, First Global Academy

Watch and take part in the weekly, live and interactive virtual sessions and the MIT Talks segments – we believe learning doesn’t have to be limited to textbooks.

Online resources are made available ranging from top of the line textbooks to excerpts – use these to broaden your knowledge. Log in from anywhere, anytime to continue your learning journey.

Read the corresponding MIT Blog posts, articles and content from the Islamic Financial Times (IFT) – we encourage this habit as it will ensure you’re constantly learning.

Listen to the MIT Podcasts from wherever you are – they pack more than just textbook knowledge into bite-size audio clips from MIT himself.

Do the online quizzes. Gauge where you are and aim to raise the bar continuously. We encourage quizzes as they will refresh your memory and initiate new perspectives.

Industry Partners

Feedback from our students

It was a very clear and comprehensive knowledge sharing session, he kept the audience alert and interested, and we may need to go into the mechanics of shariah at a future date.
Priya Guneseka
Colombo Stock Exchange
The presenter captured the audience attention throughout the session, very impressive with easy examples & stories.

Anita Nishanthan
Wavenet International
Really empowering speech, changing the world is not possible but you can change a person and it really had an impact on me.
Venkatesh. S
Ernst & Young
Cleared all doubts and questions I had about Islamic Finance - hats off to you sir!
Jack Brownn
From London, UK

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