Islamic Finance Mind Maps

Islamic Finance Mind Maps

This book explores Islamic Finance in both breadth and depth – starting from the simplest basic topics and going onto much deeper areas like Islamic asset and fund management, Islamic insurance and even Shariah compliant Islamic corporate governance – all in the format of easy to understand mind-maps that will help you understand and retain the core principles of Islamic finance.

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Simon Culhane Chartered FCSI
CEO – Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment

“Majid’s mind maps are a highly effective way of learning, by pulling together the key technical principles from each chapter into a visually appealing and clear summary. They are an effective learning aid.”

Professor Humayon Dar
Director General – Cambridge Institute of Islamic Finance

“Islamic Finance Mind Maps is a great contribution to pedagogy of Islamic banking and finance. The author introduces an excellent technique to learning and teaching of Islamic banking and finance in an efficient manner. This is a must read for those who believe in ergonomic use of time and resources.”

Why Mind Maps for Islamic Finance?

If you are wondering what the point is – or think that visual learning is for kids only, do take a moment to read this list on some of the benefits of this approach to learning. 

  1. You will remember and recall information with ease.
  2. Mind-maps are known to aid in ‘meaningful learning’ – not only do you retain new information, but you are able to connect the new knowledge to the knowledge you already have.
  3.  With mind-maps, you don’t just read new information – you get to take a much more visual approach to learning and processing new information.
  4. Complex ideas are a lot easier to understand in the format of mind-maps as opposed to a wall of text that you read over and over.

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Meet the author

Majid Thowfeek
Author – Islamic Finance Mind Maps

What is the best way to retain information? This was a question that I faced while preparing for IFQ at the age of 16 – and Islamic Finance Mind Maps is my answer which I am now sharing with the world.

Qualifying IFQ with the First Global Academy and becoming the youngest in the world to do so at 16+ years is quite an accomplishment. This was possible with the support, guidance and encouragement by FGA lecturers and mentors.

More Testimonials

Muhammed Ikram Thowfeek
CEO – MIT Global Group

“Inspired to see Majid becoming an author at the young age of 18 years by launching his first book o f Islamic Finance Mind Maps. It is a must read for all those who want to have a quick reference to know the basics and fundamentals of Islamic banking and finance.”

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Muath Mubarak
Islamic Banker

“Islamic Finance Mind Maps by Majid is a reflection of his passion for the subject matter. Majid’s aspiration and creativity made this maiden publication – a must read for those seeking a quick grasp of the subject matter to learn & pass their IFQ-London exams.”

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